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GOGO Charters is the premier coach hire & minibus hire company in London. We're experts in large-scale transportation in and around the London area, for corporate trips, weddings, sporting events, private affairs, and more.

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London Coach Hire Service

Are you looking for a reliable coach hire company? GOGO Charters has the largest selection of coaches with drivers, ranging from 18-passenger minibuses to 56-passenger coaches

Our staff can help you reserve a coach at affordable rates, and our support team works with you to help get you the exact model you desire. Call us any time at 44 20 3617 1779 for your next coach rental.

London coach hire

GOGO Charters is the most reliable coach hire company available in London. With access to the largest selection of coaches, charters buses,and mini buses with drivers, we’re able to provide accommodations ranging from 18 passenger minibuses to 56 passenger coaches. Our staff can help you reserve a coach at affordable rates, and our support team works with you to help get you the exact model you desire. Call us at 44 20 3617 1779 for your next coach rental.

If you’re looking for a professional, trustworthy company to handle your transport in London, call GOGO Charters. We work quickly and efficiently, and our clients are pleased to find out that last-minute trips can be booked in 2 hours or less. Don’t leave your travels in the hands of just anybody--give the responsibility to an organization that GOGOs harder than the competition!

Premium Amenities and Features

When you partner with GOGO Charters, you'll have access to coach hires with modern amenities such as WiFi, flat-screen televisions, DVD players, power outlets, storage space, toilets, and additional legroom. The minibuses we rent are the perfect size for short trips and come with features such as plush seating, televisions, and WiFi upon request. 

Corporate Coach Hires for Your Staff


One of the largest economic and commercial centers of the world, London is home to numerous business conferences, trade shows, and corporate meetups. If you’re a business owner, executive, or employee seeking reliable transport, contact GOGO Charters to book a corporate coach hire for your team. Riding with us guarantees that your entire staff, their luggage, and all exhibition materials are kept together, safe and sound.

We can simplify your team’s commute from Heathrow airport to their hotel, the event space, or anywhere else you may have listed on your itinerary. Bypass airport shuttles,

cabs, and the tube by choosing GOGO Charters to handle your transport. Time is of the essence anytime you’re in town on business, so make sure you’re working with the most reliable transport possible.

The shuttles we book come equipped with amenities that are tailored to your needs. If you’re seeking a ride that will keep your employees comfortable and entertained, ask your reservation specialist about booking a bus with WiFi, power outlets, TVs and DVD players. With internet access and power outlets, your team can work on projects during their commute, handle conference calls with staff members, and follow up on emails in need of immediate response.

Hire a Coach for Your Wedding


There’s nothing quite like a wedding in London, and there’s nothing quite as reliable as a GOGO Charters wedding coach hire to get you there. London has always been one of the most popular cities in the world to get married in, and we understand how important this day is to everyone involved. Call us at 44 20 3617 1779 to learn about our competitive coach hire prices after you’ve chosen a wedding location works best for you.

GOGO Charters simplifies the ride to some of the most popular wedding venues in London, including RSA House, One Whitehall Place, the Roof Gardens, and St. Pancras Grand.  GOGO Charters even reserves wheelchair-accessible coaches, making sure that everyone in your family is able to attend the wedding regardless of their circumstance. For your guests that may have a hard time finding these venues from their hotel, make sure you add their lodgings to the itinerary, so your personal driver can pick them up and get them to the ceremony on time.

Private Coach Hires for Your Event

Residents of London know how difficult it can be getting around the city’s districts during a day out. If you’re part of a large group that has a big day in the city planned, reserve a private coach hire to mitigate the stresses of transport. There’s no guarantee that everyone will be able to stick together when you ride public transport or call a rideshare service. GOGO Charters’s access to coach hires of varied sizes makes it easy for us to find one that matches your group’s needs. Regardless of whether you’re planning a family reunion, a school event, a church meetup, or anything in between, GOGO Charters is here to make things simple.

Sports Coach Hires Made Simple


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Coaches, athletes, and sports fans that need to get to games in and around London can rely on GOGO Charters for fast, efficient rides. Many professional and ametaur sports teams compete throughout London and beyond on a regular basis, and we have the transport solutions available to make sure that all players and staff are accommodated.

Association football clubs that have large rosters can reserve a charter bus that accommodates up to 56 passengers. If your team has equipment that needs to be transported, request storage bins on your coach to make the journey complete.

Sports fans who want to head to games in style reserve coach hires. Attending a footballgame with friends is always better than going alone, so why not reserve a minibus that can get you all there together? Your favorite teams deserve to be supported no matter where they play, so do your part as a fan and make sure you’re there to cheer them on!

Hiring a Minibus for Smooth Event Transport

Let us help you transport event guests to and from their hotel, the venue, and London's tourist sights. With access to a variety of sizes and models of minibuses, we'll book the perfect fleet for you. Minibuses are especially convenient for weddings, corporate events, and festivals.

West End Coach Hire

One of London’s premier tourist, shopping, and entertainment areas, the West End has a multitude of exciting venues for you to explore. Getting around can be difficult--especially when in a large group, but that’s where GOGO Charters steps in.

Book a coach with a driver, and take a trip to the British Museum, one of the most expansive and popular museums in the world. Housing over 7 million artifacts from around the world, visitors can take a look at the Parthenon Scriptures, the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, the Sutton Hoo ship burial, and the Lewis Chessmen.

From there, be sure to ride of our luxury coaches to the Burlington Arcade, a high-end shopping center housing some of the most sought-after designers. Wrap up your night with a nice dinner in Soho, a premier eating and delicatessen area within the West End. 

East London Coach Hire

East London has its fair share of attractions as well, and you may want to look into renting a luxury minibus with a driver. Head over to the Spitalfields City Farm and check out the exclusive green space featuring a pesticide-free farm and some unique animals.

If you can’t get your exotic animal fix handled there, make a visit to the East London Zoo, also known as the Queens Park Zoo. Although the zoo houses over 300 exotic animals, it actually started out as a botanical garden, which likely explains why it contains some of the most beautiful flora in England.

Rather than taking the tube, hire a coach to take you to Theater Royal Stratford East for some entertainment. The theater’s bar is home to London’s longest running free comedy night, where the festivities begin at 8pm every Monday. If you happen to be looking for a change of pace to end your night, head to Xoyo, an iconic nightclub in the historic Shoreditch district.

Take a Day Trip Near London

See the sights outside of London such as the The Shambles in York, the Norman Keep in Cardiff, and more. With transport options like the train, you're limited to where you can go. In a motorcoach, your group can ride together and enjoy personalised stops along the way. 

Select the Best Coach for Your Group

GOGO Charters has access to an impressive fleet of coaches designed to meet the needs of all types of groups, and our reservation specialists can help you find exactly what you need.

Coaches come with exceptional amenities that ensure safe and pleasant rides for even the longest trips. Whether you're booking for a wedding, corporate trip, sporting event, or other private affair, we'll find a coach that's perfect for you. Call us 24/7 today at 44 20 3617 1779 to learn more about how we can get you GOGOing.

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