Planning to explore London with a group of friends or family? A minibus from GOGO Charters is the perfect solution to all of your transport needs. We offer minibuses that can hold 18-25 passengers, perfect for small traveling groups. With over 5 million miles traveled worldwide with 0 accidents, we’re experts at safe and efficient group transportation.

With a minibus, your group won’t ever have to worry about renting individual cars, finding parking, or coordinating meeting times. The bus will pick you up right at your designated starting location and transport you all over the city, no matter where your itinerary takes you. We’ll stick around for a full day of hopping around the city, or provide a personalized shuttle between hotels and multiple city stops for other all-day events.

Leave the transportation logistics to us while you plan the perfect trip for you and your group. Direct all of your questions to our reservation specialists 24/7 at 44 20 3617 1779— we’re always happy to help!

Not sure where to take your group? Read our list below for a few ideas– these attractions offer easy access for minibuses, and are perfect for both London newcomers and old pros!

1) Westminster Abbey


Located right in the heart of London, Westminster Abbey sits right next to Big Ben, London’s most iconic landmark. A staple of London tour itineraries, Westminster Abbey is the perfect tour stop for newcomers and seasoned visitors alike. Your minibus will drop you off right at the Sanctuary, where you can stroll right into the abbey’s west gate to begin your tour. Visiting groups may schedule a private guided tour through this website.

2) The London Zoo


Opened in 1828, the ZSL London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and is also one of the United Kingdom’s largest collections of species, with almost 700 varieties across multiple exhibits. One of the zoo’s most notable enclosures is that of the black mamba, which served as the enclosure for the burmese python with whom Harry Potter held his first “parseltongue” interaction in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Witches, wizards, and muggles alike are sure to enjoy a day strolling through the zoo’s impressive display of over 20,000 individual animals. Coach drop off and pick up areas for the zoo are available near the zoo’s entrance on Prince Albert Road.

3) The London Eye


Once you’re really in the “London” spirit, take your minibus over to the London Eye, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city while floating 135 metres above the Thames. The nearest car park to the Eye is about a kilometer away, but groups traveling by coach can load and unload at a designated coach parking bay in front of the Eye. That means that your minibus from GOGO Charters can take you right up to the action! Group discounts are offered at the London Eye for groups of 10 or more.

4) Kensington Palace


The official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kensington Palace offers a look at the residence’s 400-year history, with exhibits featuring the various royal figures who have resided in the house since it was built in 1605. Palace tours can require a lot of walking; luckily, a mini coach from GOGO Charters can drop you off right at the palace entrance and pick you up right outside when your tour is finished, allowing you more time to rest in between stops on your trip.

5) The London Dungeon


The London Dungeon is a unique attraction that explores 1,000 years of gory London history through actor portrayals of infamous figures such as Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. An exciting and hilarious look at the darker portions of London’s past, the London Dungeon is best experienced with groups of friends or family. Find out who’s the true “scaredy-cat” of the family and tease them through the rest of your trip.

6) Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum


Rub shoulders with your favorite stars at Madame Tussauds, home to flawless wax incarnations of public figures from all over the world. Celebrities icons of film, sports, music, politics, and other cultural icons are celebrated among multiple unique exhibits throughout the building. Upon arrival, your minibus can drop you off just across the street at Marylebone Road. Groups of 10 or more can receive a 30% discount for booking online.

7) Stonehenge


Take a day trip out to this fascinating prehistoric monument that’s been standing for over 4,000 years! If your group is ready for an exciting trip outside of the city, a minibus from GOGO Charters is a great way to keep your group together for a comfortable two-hour ride out of London. Stonehenge offers a 10% discount for groups of 11 or more, coach parking on-site, and as a bonus, your bus driver will be able to get in for free!

8) Hyde Park


When your trip is winding down, take a break from the excitement at London’s beautiful Hyde Park, the perfect place to enjoy a concert or take a relaxing stroll. And, unlike most other London attractions, this one costs nothing to attend! Getting to the park will be a breeze with your minibus; and, since the park is quite large, your bus driver can also transport you to different drop-off points around the perimeter, or take you right across the street to enjoy Kensington Gardens.

Explore London Together


Familiarize yourself with London or cap off a fantastic day of sightseeing with a personalized driving tour through London’s streets. Our professional drivers are experts at traveling through the city, allowing you and your group the opportunity to gaze at London’s gorgeous architecture and history from the comfort of your personal minibus.

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