If you’re an association football fan who supports any of the England’s professional football teams, you understand that attending a match is more than just a good time–it’s a cultural experience.

As is the case with any major event, it’s more entertaining to attend a football match with a group of friends or family. If you’re used to riding to games on the Tube or in a cab, you may be surprised to find out that there’s a better transport option out there for you. Regardless of where you’re located, where you’re headed, and who’s travelling with you, a GOGO Charters coach hire is the best option for you and your mates.

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Where Are You Headed?

England is home to a few of the biggest and most popular football stadiums in the European Union. You’ve decided you’re going to watch a football match, but at which venue?

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is by far the largest football stadium in England. Capable of containing up to 90,000 fans, the stadium is home to Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and the English National Football Team. Costing nearly £1 billion to build, the London-based stadium hosts England’s home games, the FA Cup final, FA Community Shield, the League Cup final, the FA Cup semi-finals, the Football League Trophy, the Football League play-offs, the FA Trophy, the FA Vase and the National League play-offs.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford is the second largest stadium in England, seating over 75,000 fans. Located in Greater Manchester, the Manchester United football club competes here. Named the “Theatre of Dreams” by Bobby Charlton, the Old Trafford stadium received extensive damage from bombing during the second World War. After a number of expansion and rebuilding phases the stadium was returned to its former glory, and has since hosted several Euro and World Cup Final matches.

Emirates Stadium

Located in Holloway, London, Emirates Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that is home to Arsenal FC. Seating a capacity of 59,867 people, it is the third largest stadium in England. The stadium is sponsored by Emirates, an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 2009, the team has gone through extensive “Arsenalisation” efforts to improve the presentation and allure of the venue.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium, also known as “London Stadium”, is located in Stratford, London. This venue hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, specifically the track and field events and the opening and closing ceremonies. West Ham United Football Club and British Athletics currently share the stadium, which is capable of accommodating up to 60,000 guests.

Etihad Stadium

Colloquially known as the City of Manchester Stadium, the Etihad Stadium is where Manchester City Football Club competes. The venue was initially built to host the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and has since hosted a myriad of major sporting competitions. Since signing a sponsorship deal in 2011 with Etihad Airlines, City of Manchester Stadium has changed its name and been remodeled to fit a maximum of 55,000 attendees for sports competitions.

Reconsider Your Transport

While the Tube, rideshare services, or simply driving may seem like the best options for getting to and from games, you may face some significant challenges when travelling with a larger group to these venues.

The Tube is a fairly reliable option, but issues can arise when unexpected delays and frequent stops put a damper on your journey. A short-distance trip that’s normally requires just a few minutes on the road can evolve into an hour-long excursion when riding on the Tube. In addition to these potential issues, you’re unable to control who you share your ride with. Thousands of people ride the Tube every day, so passengers aren’t given the intimacy and security of a private ride.

Rideshare services are generally  reliable, but it can be hard to predict how long you’ll have to wait for your ride to show up, as well as the cost of the trip. Uber and Lyft prices fluctuate based on the time of day and what’s going on, so booking a ride just before, during, or after gametime can result in outrageous surge prices. Vehicles booked through rideshare applications typically only accommodate a maximum of seven seats, so if you’re heading to a game with a larger group, you likely won’t be able to fit everyone.

Driving your own vehicle may also seem like a sensible solution, but you’ll realise how bad of an idea it is once you’re caught in gametime traffic. Football games produce some of the worst traffic you’ll ever see, and it only gets worse the closer you get to the stadium. Aside from the traffic, your car is likely only able to seat five to seven people, so where is everyone else in your group supposed to fit? If everyone intends on drinking before, during, or after the match, driving is also not a wise decision for safety. But there is a safer choice.

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Book a Coach Hire for Transport

Booking a minibus is the smart, affordable solution for transport to football matches, and you may be surprised to find out why. We’ve listed a few of the top reasons below:

1) Minibuses are Spacious

Minibuses can seat anywhere from 18 to 25 passengers, so you’ll never have to worry about fitting everyone in your group into one vehicle. Everyone has their own seat, and you’re able to keep your group together so you arrive as a unit.

2) You Have Your Own Driver

When you book a motorcoach, you’re assigned a driver whose only job is to transport you anywhere your heart desires. You’ll never have to wait on someone else to pick you up, because we’ve got someone booked just for you. When you fill out your itinerary, your driver is informed of every stop they need to make, and every person they need to pick up.

3) No Time is Wasted

Don’t waste time waiting around for a public coach, tube, or driver to pick you up. When you book, you’re asked to create an itinerary which will minimize the amount of unnecessary stops you make. Your driver is also vetted to ensure they know the fastest route to the destination; tell us where you want to go and who we need to get, and the rest is in our hands.

4) Fees are Fixed

When you call in to make your reservation, you’re instantly given a quote that is competitively priced. We make sure you’re getting the most affordable transport available, and our prices are fixed. You’ll never have to worry about the cost of your trip surging.

5) Amenities are Available

Upon request, your mini bus may be equipped with a number of exclusive amenities, such as plush seats, power outlets, tele’s, and WiFi. Your ride to the stadium doesn’t have to be a drag. Enjoy the journey to and from the game in style.

6) You Can Enjoy Adult Beverages

Based on your location, you may be able to consume alcoholic beverages on the way to the game. If you’re interested in pre-gaming for the event, contact your driver to find out if you’re legally able to drink while on your private minibus.

Choose GOGO Charters for Football Match Transport

GOGO Charters is the only solution for your gameday transport. Move on from public transit and private rideshare apps and start booking with someone you can trust. Football matches create lifetime memories, so why not make your ride there and back a memorable one? Call us at 44 20 3617 1779 to learn more about how we can assist you.

If you’re a employee, coach, or athlete of a football club, GOGO Charters is the best choice for your team’s transport, as well. If you’re not satisfied with your current transport provider, it’s time for you to make a  change. Call us today!