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Newcastle Coach Hire

The premier coach hire & minibus hire company servicing Newcastle, England. Book your bus now by calling 44 20 3617 1779.




Hire a Coach and Visit Newcastle

GOGO Charters can take you anywhere you need to go. Whether you need to travel in the USA, Canada, or Europe, there's a coach hire just waiting to serve you. The coaches reserved by GOGO Charters have helped numerous academic groups, corporations, church groups, and even wedding parties get where they needed to go. A few institutions GOGO is proud to have worked with include the University of Georgia, Duke University, Delta, and Wells Fargo. So, the next time you need a coach hire for your vacation needs, just give GOGO Charters a call. Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the most populous cities in North East England. Located alongside the River Tyne, this port city has a rich history dating back to Roman times. During the Industrial Revolution, this city built itself up into a major manufacturing center and trading port. Now that heavy industry manufacturing has slowed down, this city has become a huge center for tourism. Many people visit here to take in the city's unique heritage, astonishing architecture, and its scenic locations. If you want to learn more about this city, keep on reading. Below, we'll detail some of the most popular tourist attractions in this tourist-friendly city.

Getting Oriented

A great place to start your tour is at the Central Arcade on Garinger Street. As you enter this shopping arcade, you'll swear you've just walked back into the Victorian Era. This Edwardian arcade was originally constructed by the local builder Richard Grainger in 1837, and then rebuilt after a fire in 1906. It's great to start your journey here because there is a Tourist Information Bureau inside this arcade. Even if you don't play musical instruments, it's worthwhile to stop by the store JG Windows inside. JG Windows, which opened over 100 years ago, is the oldest music shop in the entire city. As you enjoy the Edwardian architecture, you can shop around stores like Moda in Pelle, Pretty Green, and even Starbucks. While walking through this city, you just can't miss the glorious River Tyne. This river was used extensively throughout the years for both fishing and traveling. The entire river measures about 62 miles and is formed by both the North Tyne and South Tyne rivers that converge in Northumberland. Many tourists like to take a cruise on the river to get a better sense of Newcastle as a whole. Taking a boat ride on the Tyne River is a wonderful way to relax, especially on a sunny summer day. After enjoying the natural splendors of the River Tyne, you must check out Grainger Town in the center of the city. Richard Grainger, the same man who built the Central Arcade, constructed this section of the city between 1835-1842. Some of the greatest architectural treasures in the entire city are located in this area. You'll find celebrated areas here such as the Theatre Royal, Grey's Monument, Grainger Market, and Grey Street. This historic area of the city is so beloved by U.K. residents that it was voted the "finest street" in all of England in a 2005 BBC Radio 4 survey.

The Two Top Tourist Draws

The "Newcastle Castle," which gave this city its current name, has an extremely long and complex history. It began as a Roman fortification built by William the Conqueror's son, but then was replaced by Henry II in 1177. Over the years, various additions were built onto this structure by many other English royals. This castle was also used as a defensive battlement during the English Civil War. A few portions of the castle were demolished to make way for the nearby railway, but guests can still get a good sense of this historic monument on a guided tour. St. Nicholas Cathedral is perhaps the finest religious structure in the city. The church tourists can visit today was completed in 1350. Many art historians are extremely interested with the church's lantern spire, which was actually used as a navigation point for sailors. Inside, guests are treated to wonderful stained glass windows, some of which were damaged during the English Civil War. In case you were wondering, St. Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, which is fitting for the residents of this port town.

A Few Unique Local Restaurants

For an authentic English dining experience, head on over to Blackfrairs Restaurant on Friars Street. Blackfriars, which opened in 2001, is located in what used to be a friary during the 13th century. You can order a three or five course medieval meal, a course from the restaurant's set menu, or a dish from the restaurants' banquet hall menu. There's also an extensive wine selection offered here. For a trip back into the middle ages, you owe it to yourself to check out this award-winning restaurant. In the mood for Italian cuisine? You're in luck. There are plenty of Italian restaurants in this city, and one of the best reviewed is called Achellos Italian Restaurant. Located at Two Ball Lonnen, this restaurant uses all locally sourced products in their menu. Just a few of the main course options include pan-fried chicken breast with crushed black peppercorn sauce, sea bass with lemon and garlic, and even beef stroganoff. Another wonderful high-end restaurant in this city is called Café 21. This restaurant is located in Trinity Gardens and specializes in bistro cuisine, especially inspired by French and English recipes. A few dishes on this menu include Châteaubriand for two, a sirloin steak with roasted tomato and fine beans, and a steak tartare. No matter where you choose to spend your time in this wonderfully English city, you're sure to learn a whole lot about the U.K.'s long history. From Hadrian's Wall through the Industrial Revolution, Newcastle has seen a great deal throughout the years. If you want to discover more about this city for yourself, why not give GOGO Charters a call and schedule your own trip? A member of GOGO Charters' staff is standing by ready to help you right now.


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