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London Minibus & Coach Hire Company

GOGO Charters is the premier coach hire & minibus hire company servicing London, England. Book your bus now by calling 44 20 3617 1779.


Does your group need to hire a coach or minibus for an event in or around London? If so let GOGO Charters help. We have access to a variety of coaches that will allow your group to travel in comfort and style to your destination.


London Coach Hire Service

Hire a Coach to Visit London

Are you looking for a reliable coach hire company? Gogo Charters has the largest selection of coaches ranging from 20 passenger minicoaches to 59 passenger coaches. The coaches are equipped with amenities like WiFi,flat screen TVs, DVD players,and lots of storage space. Our staff can help you reserve a coach at very affordable rates. Call us about your next coach rental. England’s capital dates back to the time of the ancient Romans who called it “Londonium.” As of 2015, its urban population of over 9.7 million made it the second-most populous city after Paris in 2015. It is also the only city to have hosted the Summer Olympics three times.

World Heritage Sites

The city’s long and rich history provides a wealth of places and activities. It is home to four World Heritage Sites: Greenwich, the area containing Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminster and St. Margaret’s Church, the notorious Tower of London and Kew Gardens. Westminster Abbey has existed in some form since the 10th Century, and construction on the current church began three centuries later. It is considered one of the most significant Gothic buildings in the world. Construction on the Tower began during the reign of William the Conqueror (reigned 1066 – 1087). It houses the Crown Jewels, memorials for people executed there, and several museums. Kew Gardens, which was established in 1840, boasts one of the largest botanical collections in the world and is home to over 30,000 plant species. The Palace of Westminster, parts of which date back to the 11th Century, is better known as the Houses of Parliament. It boasts a number of towers, including the Elizabeth Tower, which is better known as Big Ben.

History and Pageantry

Buckingham Palace, home of the royal family since the 18th century, is also the site of the famous Changing of the Guard, which is considered an example of British ceremony and pageantry. The palace itself has 775 rooms, some of which are open to visitors. England is famous for a rich theatrical tradition. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a 1997 reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre. Many of the plays were written by Shakespeare or his contemporaries. The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, which was built in 1663, has the distinction of being the city’s oldest existing theater. The London Palladium is arguably the city’s most famous theater and is particularly well-known for its musicals. The Barbican Centre, which opened in 1982, is the largest arts and conference venue in Europe. As such it is the home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra. It boasts several theaters, an art gallery, a public library and three restaurants.

The Quirky Side

Just about any city, particularly one that’s several millennia old, is going to develop its oddities. Consider the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is indeed located on 221b Baker Street. It is a mock-up of the townhouse where Holmes lived with Dr. Watson. The Brunel Museum began life as the Brunel Engine House in the 19th century. As such, it was used to pump water out of the Thames Tunnel, the first tunnel to be constructed under a navigable river. The tunnel, originally designed for transportation, became a tourist attraction. It eventually became the world’s first underground theatre and is now a museum devoted to engineering projects. The Hunterian Museum, named after the surgeon John Hunter (1728-1793), is devoted to the history and science of surgery. It therefore contains exhibits that date from the 17th century to the present day. Those exhibits include antique surgical instruments, specimens, paintings and sculptures.

More Modern Attractions

A much newer attraction is the SEA LIFE Aquarium, which is located on the south bank of the River Thames near the Millennium Wheel. At the time of its construction, the Millennium Wheel was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world at 443 feet tall. The aquarium is home to over 500 species of animals including sharks, jellyfish, sea dragons, turtles and penguins. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter allows fans of the series to explore given facets of the films’ creation. They will also be able to see some of the props and costumes close-up and buy souvenirs from the gift shop. Day trips: Tourists visiting England’s capital may also rent coaches to go on excursions outside the city to visit such fascinating places as Stonehenge, the Lake District or Oxford.

Select the Best Coach for Your Group

GoGo Charters has access to an impressive fleet that includes coaches designed to meet the needs of all types of groups. From mini-coaches designed that can carry up to 20 persons, to giant MCI, Prevost, Setra, and Volvo coaches that can accommodate up to 59 passengers, GoGo Charters can help you find exactly what you need. All you have to do is contact us and tell us the details of your rental. Coaches come with exceptional amenities that ensure safe and pleasant rides for even the longest trips. Call us today at 1-855-826-6770 for your rental quote.


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