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Leeds sits in a fairly remote area of the north-central United Kingdom -- but that's where the small-town parallel ends. After London, Leeds is the UK's largest banking and financial center, with its 750,000 residents making it the country's third largest city. With that population, there's bound to be plenty to do for kids and adults -- even so, you'll be fascinated with the city's architecture, wherein the ancient somehow peacefully coexists with the ultramodern. That's where we at GOGO Charters come in. We're a premiere North Ameircan and European charter coach rental service -- and we know Leeds intimately, down to its scores of unusual facades. If your plans include the city, let us figure in them as you cruise by some of the most beautiful architecture in Western Europe. Call 1-855-826-6770 24/7, and get ready for a visual experience like no other.

Sights and Sounds of the City

The Museums and Galleries isn't just a one-size-fits-all handle. The organization, established in 1821, is the largest museum service in England and maintains nine historical sites containing 1.3 million objects of art. About a million annual visitors stop by Abbey House Museum, with its Victorian street and its family programs; Temple Newsam, strewn with historic cobbled streets and dotted with live farm animals; and scores of educational and research venues designed to preserve and communicate vital knowledge on the United Kingdom and the world. A coach rental to these venues would be ideal. Museums usually evoke thoughts of the best in art and culture -- but Thackeray Medical Museum seizes on milestones of another sort. Thackeray is a world-class source on the story of medicine and health, which is changing at a dizzying pace -- and its exhibits and educational programs make it one of the city's premiere attractions for the non medical public throughout the globe. A proud, ancient nation like the UK has a proud, ancient military history and the artifacts to prove it -- but the Royal Armouries Museum sports the most unlikely facade to house them. You'll know the building by its spit-shined, postmodern exterior; inside features daily talks about arms and armor throughout time in six galleries. If you like a little outdoors with your history, Harewood House is a must-see. A centuries-old music room and kitchen herald the wonders of this 200-year-old venue and its renowned bird collection. One day in 1967, the city fathers decided that West Indian culture is cool, and they decided to let everybody else in on it. Accordingly, the West Indian Carnival, celebrating its 50th anniversary in late August, draws around 60,000 visitors for a look at the to-die-for costumes and culture that make the Caribbean experience what it is.

The Great Outdoors

To the tourist in you, it might just look like the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian monastery. To the historian in you, it's filled with the mysteries that make this part of the UK so special. By all means, a visit to Bolton Abbey is a necessary stop on both your lists. "Abseiling" is a fancy word for rappelling down a mountain or structure. You can learn what it means firsthand at the Carlton Lodge Outdoor Center, an arm of North Yorkshire Youth. Kids and adults share in caving, canoeing and kayaking experiences in the UK's sprawling outdoors. The Meanwood Valley Trail includes seven miles of breathtaking rural countryside within the city -- and for the more adventurous, it's also the name of a major area footrace every March and April. There's a rumble on the way at Battlefield, and everybody's at risk -- but no worries. This laser tag venue is run amid the strictest safety standards, and the guns are incredibly easy to use. Birthday parties, too. It's ironic that a country home is also a venue for the great outdoors around it -- but that's what awaits at Lotherton Hall, with its hiking trails, eight-acre Edwardian gardens and a deer park next door. Pterodactyl is an extreme ride that lets you see Flamingo Land Resort from 150 feet up -- but once you see the exotic zoo and get the hang of fossil digging at Dino-Stone Park or water fights at Splash Battle, you'll probably want to come down and play.

Eat, Drink and Play: The Night Is Young

Humpit Hummus & Pita Bar knows exactly what's on your mind before and after the show, and it's eager to serve you accordingly with some Méditerranean and Middle Eastern fare that justifies everyone's taste for them. The coolest thing about West End House restaurant is the bar -- and we're not talking about the whiskey or ale. It's a very impressive old figurehead, around which hundreds of thousands have gathered for decades to swap lies and make friends. The food, meanwhile, is outstanding. Kith & Kin will prove a disappointment if you're looking for something hearty and heavy -- because they don't serve anything like that. The eatery is vegetarian, one of the best veggie restaurants in the city, down to the hip, sprawling decor and lighting. Kerala is an Indian fare that owes its notoriety to its seafood and fish -- and Theravadu holds up the tradition better than any restaurant in the UK. This fine-dining establishment also serves an express lunch for those on the go. Education programs and dance workshops for seniors make up a good deal of the fun at The Grand Theatre and Opera House -- but kids fare like "Hansel and Gretel" and "Cinderella" command a lot of the attention as well. Eighty-five players and 126 years make the city's Symphony Orchestra one of the oldest and best classical music groups in Europe. The symphony also holds free rehearsals on Mondays. Storytelling is part of the human experience, and it's in exceptionally good stead at Yorkshire Playhouse live theater. The stories become real here, transforming our views of the world and each other.


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